The Inappropriate Sports Gear Fantasy League (ISGFL) is open to anyone with an Instagram account.

Points are awarded for posts documenting inappropriate sports gear. Make sure to tag @isgfantasyleague and your location in the post to be eligible to receive points.



*No deduction applies if offending subject has multiple pieces of inappropriate sports gear, i.e. a cap or t-shirt alone of an unrelated, but geographically connected team reduces total score by 0.5; however if the subject is wearing both a ball cap and t-shirt, jersey, etc. then the deduction is negated.


  1. “Inappropriate Sports Gear” is defined as “branded apparel for a professional sports team that is not participating in the current sporting event”.
  2. To be eligible to receive points, the post needs to tag @isgfantasyleague and identify the inappropriate gear being worn as well as the venue and participants of the sporting event at which the photo was taken.
  3. Photo must be taken inside or within the immediate vicinity of the stadium or arena at which a sporting event is being held.
  4. No kids. Kids can wear whatever the fuck they want, and you shouldn’t post pictures of kids on social media, you creep.
  5. All rules and scoring are subject to change.


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